Balance & Boundaries in Life ~ Love ~ Work


You often feel as if you're spending too much of your time doing what others want/expect, yet not enough time on what you desire. You may feel there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. You often feel like you just can not get caught up. You're not enjoying life and little moments because you're constantly thinking about what you have to do later or what else you should be working on now. Life feels like a constant "to do" list that keeps adding tasks as you're struggling to check things off.


~Healthy Change~

Get a better handle on your daily life and your whole life. Learn how to prioritize what's important, what's not and what's pretending to be. Are you letting yourself get caught up in the business of others while ignoring the business of you?  Explore what's keeping you in this cycle and how to stop just spinning your wheels.